The Best eBooks for 2024

  1. “The House of Return” by Jojo Moyes: A captivating tale that weaves together love, loss, and the power of memories. Available for €14.991.
  2. “Sisters in Another Life” by Christiane Wünsche: A story of sisterhood, secrets, and the bonds that transcend time. Priced at €12.991.
  3. “When The King Falls” (Book 1) by Marie Niehoff: Dive into a fantasy world filled with magic, intrigue, and unexpected alliances. Grab it for €12.991.
  4. “The Unbändigen” by Emilia Hart: An epic historical novel set against the backdrop of a turbulent era. Available for €16.991.
  5. “The Opera House: Red Fire” by Anne Stern: A thrilling mystery with twists and turns that will keep you guessing. Currently at a 50% discount, priced at €4.991.

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