Tensnake Coma Cat

Tensnake’s “Coma Cat” is a groovy track that has captivated electronic music lovers. However, let’s shift gears and dive into optimizing your WordPress website for SEO. 🚀

  1. Check Your Website Visibility: Ensure that search engines can find your website by adjusting the visibility settings. In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Settings and then Reading. Make sure the option for “Visibility to search engines” is unchecked.
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Remember, SEO is an ongoing process. Regularly monitor your website’s performance, adapt to algorithm changes, and keep refining your strategy. With these steps, your WordPress site will climb the search engine ladder! 🌟

For more detailed information, check out this article on optimizing your WordPress website with simple SEO tips1.

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Tensnake brings the joy once again…
„Coma Cat“ sees the very gifted Tensnake use a melody and bassline ripped from Anthony & The Camp’s 1986-Jellybean-produced „What I Like“ to veer towards „modernized“ early Chicago and Italian piano-house territories with his typical savoir-vivre that make him modestly adjust his awesome production skills in benefit of pure feelgood, shiny, colourful dance music.
The climax is a pure moment of bliss, combining the old (spirit, melodic touch) with the new (production dynamics and voice cut-up techniques) and is so marvellous and generous that you feel teleported in a fantisized open-air party in Ibiza circa ’87 with DJ Alfredo at the decks and wigged-out, happy mutant creatures all around.
In a recent interview, Tensnake emphasized on being above all a „pop“ artist and indeed one can say that, even sampled, his hooks show a proper, high level pop music sensitivity in an open-minded acceptation of the word.
I would say that Tensnake is a mellower, more feminine, subtle and relaxed response to other german wonder Boys Noize, who in his best remixes (Feist, Sebastien Tellier, Gonzales) has also the golden touch for impossibly catchy, dramatic, joyful „pop“ hooks.
Dance music needs more Tensnakes!

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