Content Strategy for a Newsletter by Simon Veith

Newsletter Name: Local Weekend Roundup

Objective: The objective of the newsletter is to provide subscribers with a curated list of free local events happening over the weekend, enhancing their weekend plans and encouraging community engagement.

Target Audience:

  • Local residents interested in exploring their community.
  • Families looking for free weekend activities.
  • Tourists seeking authentic local experiences.
  • Young professionals interested in cultural and recreational events.

Content Strategy:

  1. Curated Event Listings:
  • Highlight a diverse range of events including festivals, markets, concerts, workshops, art exhibitions, outdoor activities, and more.
  • Include brief descriptions of each event, highlighting key attractions, timings, and locations.
  • Categorize events based on interests (e.g., family-friendly, arts and culture, food and drink, outdoor adventures, etc.).
  1. Featured Event of the Week:
  • Spotlight one particularly noteworthy event each week, providing a more detailed overview, interviews with organizers or participants, and insider tips.
  1. Local Spotlight:
  • Showcase a different local business, venue, or organization each edition, providing insight into their offerings, history, and contributions to the community.
  1. Community Engagement:
  • Encourage subscribers to share their own weekend plans, photos, and experiences from previous events.
  • Create polls or surveys to gather feedback on featured events and preferences for future editions.
  1. Exclusive Offers and Discounts:
  • Partner with local businesses or event organizers to provide exclusive discounts or freebies for newsletter subscribers, enhancing value and encouraging engagement.
  1. Event Planning Tips:
  • Provide practical advice and tips for making the most out of local events, including transportation options, packing essentials, and planning for various weather conditions.
  1. Local News and Updates:
  • Include brief snippets of relevant local news, such as upcoming infrastructure projects, new businesses opening in the area, or changes to local regulations affecting events.
  1. User-generated Content:
  • Curate user-generated content such as photos, videos, and testimonials from subscribers who attended featured events, fostering a sense of community and shared experience.
  1. Seasonal Highlights:
  • Tailor content to reflect seasonal activities and holidays, featuring events like summer outdoor movie nights, fall harvest festivals, winter markets, and spring garden tours.

Delivery Schedule:

  • Send the newsletter every Thursday evening or Friday morning to provide subscribers with ample time to plan their weekend activities.

Promotion Strategy:

  • Promote the newsletter through social media platforms, local community groups, and partnerships with relevant organizations.
  • Offer incentives such as a freebie or discount for new subscribers.
  • Encourage existing subscribers to share the newsletter with friends and family.

Metrics for Success:

  • Open rates and click-through rates.
  • Subscriber growth rate.
  • Engagement metrics such as social media shares, comments, and user-generated content submissions.
  • Feedback and survey responses from subscribers.
  • Attendance and participation rates at featured events.

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